If you’re not getting anything done, here’s a way out

Have you ever found days and days going by,work piling up,and targets that seem harder and harder to hit? Maybe you’ve been pushing too hard and one day you find you have no more reserves to draw on. All you can do is collapse. Or perhaps this is a different kind of slump. You look at the past few years and see your life  becoming a long,slow decline, with little to feel really proud of.
a slump at work

2 different kinds of slumps:

  1. Collapse from pushing too hard without taking time out to recover.
  2. A slow loss of energy, focus, and motivation.

The solution to the first sounds obvious –take a break,perhaps a vacation,relax,and your energy will come back up to normal. Well,if you have a pattern of pushing till you collapse,before you know it you’ll be in slump #2. The bottom line is peak performance requires physical,emotional,creative,and spiritual replenishment built into your day-to-day life.

What about slump #2? You’ll see many coaches address this with exercises for clearly defining life purposes and goals. Yet many clients struggle to clarify their goals,then find taking action seems to take Herculean effort for disappointing results. They often slide back into the same slump.

The market is glutted with productivity books and training that provide band-aids for the problem rather than addressing the root cause. You will find the most effective coaches start with a similar approach:The very first step toward productivity is “housecleaning.”Before implementing actions for ongoing productivity,you must eliminate everything that interferes with productivity.

In Eben Pagan’s 12-week life-changing program, Wake Up Productive, he starts you out on a 4-step “housecleaning.”And this is before you start week 1 of the 12-week program.

What does this “housecleaning”entail?
Eben’s 4 steps are:

1. “Cleaning off your Mental Desk”–thoughts that clutter your mind and prevent you from being fully present
2.  Incompletes in your life –half-done projects,unhandled problems,undelivered communication
3. “Getting Out of the Grey Zone”–areas of conflicting priorities and chronic compromise
4. “Things that Rob us of Energy”–people,commitments that drain you without giving back

This will help you achieve your own Escape Velocity.

These each address a different factor blocking productivity. You identify them and take steps to eliminate them.  These 4 steps might take anywhere from a day or two to a couple weeks depending on how much crap you need to clean up. Personally,I found my  Reality Adjustment was an important part of my “housecleaning.”

A surprising result for many is new-found clarity on goals and priorities. That energy-robbing crap in your life also muddies your perceptions and thinking. Along with this crystal clear vision,an excitement about the future also bubbles up. Can you imagine waking up every day excited about your work again and knowing exactly where you’re headed? All the tasks ahead become so much easier!

Clear goals

If you are serious about getting things done, Wake Up Productive will get you there with a guarantee to at least double your productivity. Sign ups close at midnight,January 23.

Do you have your own experiences with productivity issues and clearing out the crap in your life? Share them below!


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