I’m speaking at BlogHer this week … on the very important subject of email marketing!
My presentation? Well, it’s a Geek Lab where you can come and ask questions. It can go in any direction. (Yeah, I’ve done this before.) My Geek Lab is Friday, Aug 5, 11:30-12:30.

I think a better way for me to help is to send bloggers to my presentation at BlogHer Food given in November, 2015. Many of your questions will be answered in this detailed presentation – I guarantee it. It covers all key aspects of email marketing from getting subscribers to making money. It’s 1 hour, given in 3 20-minute segments.

I’m asking for your email, and then I send you directly to the 3 videos of this presentation, on FoodBlogToolkit.com. Please watch, and then you’ll be getting a series of email tips and tutorials over the next month to help with the biggest issues bloggers struggle with. Plus I’ll be addressing questions that come up in my Geek Lab.