I’ve got a lot of irons in the fire. I have an Internet marketing business and clients to manage,a food blog,a festival to plan,and a Meetup to manage. So much to do –prospecting,project management, blogging, cooking, photography, social media …. makes my head spin!

Talk about overwhelm! I’m not the only one – “expert” blogs are full of articles on overwhelm. For several years now,I’ve been overwhelmed by all the advice and products promising to cure my overwhelm. Books,software,training programs – I’ve tried many only to have my Overwhelm Monster still laughing at me and sucking up my time.

Is it possible to totally handle that overwhelm? Absolutely! This past year I experienced a major Reality Adjustment. Big Time. Dale, a very close friend of mine, has turned into a Totally Different Person. He’s spent the last 14 years studying Internet marketing. He’s started about a half dozen online businesses, none of which made over $1,000 a year. And he’s always been available to help friends with their websites, videos, marketing advice and more. That’s the Old Dale. The New Dale has a thriving online business pulling in $6,000 a month in profit.

What happened? 19 months ago,Dale decided to become an Amazon Seller. It turned out to be a good fit for him. And he is now Laser-Focused. Now he says “No” a lot. If it doesn’t align with his goals, he doesn’t do it. And Dale is the Catalyst for my Reality Adjustment.
Sinking Titanic – a Severe Reality Adjustment

The Titanic Sinking –a Severe Reality Adjustment

Here are the details: A friend called me for help on a marketing plan for her client’s product. On the surface,the product looked perfect for Amazon. So I called Dale to see if he’d do an Amazon product analysis for $500; it would take 2 hours,so that’s $250 an hour. What did Dale say? “No,I’m not in the service business.” Uh…. No? I would have jumped at it in a heartbeat,putting whatever I was doing aside. In a Blinding Flash,I saw the differences between myself and Dale. The differences are massive.

You know those “Can you spot the difference between these two pictures?” puzzles? It was just like that,except that instead of taking 15 minutes to find each subtle difference,a dozen glaring differences hit me in a split second like a sledgehammer. And I knew that image of myself was totally unacceptable.

There was my life before that sledgehammer. And there’s life after … completely different. Is the overwhelm gone? Not yet, but getting there. Now the many ineffective actions I was constantly taking are crystal clear,and I’ve dumped them. Those productivity tips,software tools,and training programs? Gone. Mostly. The vast majority are band-aids applied to a severed artery.

The major change I experienced is that I now clearly see the difference between an Overwhelmed Life and a Productive Life. So now I know exactly where I’m headed. And I can instantly spot which tools will help me and which will not. Are there criteria that can help you do the same? Sure,and I outline them in the next article, How to Pull Yourself Out of a Slump. Most I’ve picked up from Eben Pagan’s Wake Up Productive program. Check out these criteria and the steps to take to dramatically boost your own productivity.

The truly useful books,software,and programs are your spaceship,your vehicle for getting in control of your life and increasing productivity. But a spaceship alone never gets into space. It needs booster rockets to get beyond the atmosphere and pull of gravity. Without booster rockets, it crashes back to Earth. The Reality Adjustment is one of your booster rockets, your means to get past the pull of old habits. Eben Pagan calls this “Habit Gravity and Escape Velocity.”

I may not be able to hand you your own Reality Adjustment, but maybe I can help you trigger one. Do you know someone living life you want or succeeding in an important area where you are not? Take your most overwhelming related problem and ask them how they handle it. Now look at them and look at yourself. Got it?

Share your own Reality Adjustments or experiences with overwhelm below. Who knows? Maybe you can be a catalyst for someone else!


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